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Pet Deli Frozen Feline Blend

Our feline blend contains Chicken, Veal and Heart. The Heart provides taurine which supports their vision, brain and heart. Cats don't produce their own taurine so it is essential nutrient in their diet. 

800g Contains 6 blocks per bag

4 kg Contains 5 x 800g of Feline Blend

8 kg Contains 10 x 800g of Feline Blend

Key Benefits:

  • Shiny, soft coats & reduced odour - feeding Pet Deli to your furry friend, will produce a shiny, soft coat and help reduce shedding. You’ll see the difference after just a couple of weeks.

Ingredients: Chicken, Veal and Heart


Feeding guide table
Size Daily Amount
Average size cat 4kg 120g
Small dog & Puppies >10kg 100-200 grams
Medium dog 20 kg 400 grams
Medium to large dog 30kg 600 grams
Large dog 30kg+ 800 grams