Pet Mince Blocks 4kg Box (Chicken Veal Beef)

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Take advantage of our bulk buy deals, while stocks last, we have blended all of our blends together and made these big blocks at a very low price!!!

Pet Deli Frozen Medley Block

Blend of Chicken, Veal & Beef

Made from quality high grade meats and sourced from New Zealand farms, our tasty pet foods contain all the nutrients your furry friend needs to lead a long, healthy and active life.

Blocks are blend of everything we offer, this will drive your dog's taste buds crazy.

4 kg or 8 kg

Key Benefits:

  • Shiny, soft coats & reduced doggie odour - feeding Pet Deli to your furry friend, will produce a shiny, soft coat and help reduce shedding. You’ll see the difference after just a couple of weeks.
  • Dental benefits – Pet Deli recommends you feed your dog a balanced diet including meaty bones. The meaty bones and fibrous tissues in a natural, raw feeding diet will keep teeth clean and healthy.
  • Less mess – when your dog eats Pet Deli, you’ll see a lot less smelly waste on the lawn. A natural, grain free diet means the dogs use more of what they eat to live happy, healthy lives.
  • Reduced allergies – feeding Pet Deli may diminish the clinical signs associated with food allergies.
  • Reduced water intake – Pet Deli will improve your dog’s digestion, meaning your pet won’t need the excessive amounts of water necessary to break down a dry food diet. This results in less drooling and improved liver and kidney functions to help the overall long-term health of your pet.

Made Specifically For: All types of dogs

Sourced from New Zealand farms, this product is having great results with pets with allergies and eating disorders. It’s suitable for dogs but cats love it too.


May Contain other animal proteins such as Lamb, Venison, Goat & Possum