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Chicken Necks

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Pet Deli Frozen Chicken Necks

Chicken Necks are a great way to improve your small dog’s dental health, they are also full of glucosamine and chondroitin which aids in keeping the dogs joint healthy. They are also high in protein and calcium, protein is essential in a dog’s diet supplying amino acids to build hair, skin, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. All the good stuff to keep your dog looking its best. Calcium is also important for your dog as it something they cannot produce on their own so it must be obtained via their food. It helps with growth, maintaining healthy bones and teeth, supports proper muscle building and function, heart health and maintaining a healthy nervous system. Chicken necks are a great addition to any small to medium size dogs’ diet, but they are also high in fat so feeding the appropriate amount for your dog’s exercise level is a must to keep them healthy. We recommend 1-2 a day as a part of their raw feeding diet, but they are also great used as treats.

  • Some cats also enjoy a chicken neck, but we find it is very hit and miss, some absolutely LOVE them, and others just like to flick them around and play with them. So, please if you do want to try them for your cat do so with the mindset of it could go either way.