Pet Deli

At Pet Deli®, we offer a range of delicious, preservative free, raw-meat pet foods for your pet to eat as nature intended.

Made from quality, high grade meats and sourced from New Zealand farms, our tasty pet foods contain all the nutrients your furry friend needs to lead a long, healthy and active life. We’ve been feeding thousands of dogs and cats for over 20 years.

Our research into what natural born carnivores love started in the forests of New Zealand over twenty years ago.

We worked with dogs that were born and raised in the forest, living on what was hunted for them. The difference in their health, happiness and well-being from city dogs inspired us.

After seeing how much better the dogs lived on a natural diet, we researched international predator-prey relationships.

This is what we found out. Dogs and cats love eating raw meat. They also love how good it is for them. Feed your pet as nature intended.

They’ll love you even more for it.

Plus the entire Pet Deli® range is 100% NATURAL, PRESERVATIVE AND GRAIN FREE