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Why is My Dog Getting Fat?

My dog has gained weight and I have been advised not to feed raw food. Can Pet Deli raw food help my dog lose weight? 

Do I need to put my dog on especial diet, or prescription diet?


Why Does My Dog Smell?

Have you ever wondered how you can make your dog smell good?

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What our customers say about our raw food

5 out 5 

My dog has food allergies. We've had him on the Orijen 6 fish for dogs (only) for the last three months and his skins improved bit by bit each month. So for the last 20 days I've added raw meat to his diet. My dog loves it and on the veal in particular his skins improved even more. So I highly recommend the raw meat pet food.

Yes, I'd recommend this product to a friend

By Jacinda 24 July 2017

5 out 5

Dog Likes It. Easy To Digest. Nutritional. 

Great as choice of different foods good for my dogs

By Lindy 28 September 2014

5 out 5 Happy Border Collies

My two dogs love this product. It makes feeding time a joy and dispensing of vet medications easy. I have noticed a vast improvement in their overall health and well being (compared to their previous vet recommended JD Hills diet), plus maintaining good energy levels and steady weight. Love it.

Rianna 10 August 2016

5 out 5 Lovely product

Love the ease of use, and the pooches love it.

Jane 1 September 2016


This is super quality food, and my 2 boys absolutely love it. Pebbles my youngest (8yo ShiTzu X Lhasa Apso) suffers from yeast infection, we have put him on a number of different diets and I can say without a shadow of a doubt this food has done wonders for him. His scratching has ceased and his skin has cleared up dramatically. Our Oldest Mr Kennedy (9yo ShiTzu X Lhasa Apso) also loves the meals, luckily he does not suffer from any skin conditions. They eat a block each for dinner (Pebbles is 9 kilos / Mr Kennedy 10 Kilos), and we thaw out overnight to ensure it is soft and ready to chomp down the next evening. Highly recommend this food, you will not regret it, also delivery is super quick and well packed

Fiona 16 July 2017

5 out 5 Amazing- my Frenchie loves it

My frenchie was starting to show signs of allergies and really wasn't excited about eating his biscuits. I change him to Pet Deli raw food and he is back to normal- clear skin, healthy appetite and shiny coat. Happy pup :)

Jessica 2 September 2015

5 out 5 My girls love this!

We have been searching for the perfect grain free food for over a year, but my girls (two bichon poodle crosses) haven't enjoyed dry kibble that much, nor some of the cans out there. They absolutely love this food, its devoured within minutes, and I love it because its made locally from fresh ingredients. Very happy!

Michelle 18 March 2016

5 out 5 Awesum Product

My dog is such a fussy eater but when I gave this to him for the first time it was gone in under 2 minutes I have never seen him like before and I have notice after a month his coat is so much healthier looking and he doesn't have that doggy smell anymore.

SAMANTHA 9 September 2016


My doggy loves this food.Almost does cartwheels when I give it to him.Green tripe in product has many health benefits.

Carolynne 12 February 2017

5 out 5 my chow chow is a happy girl

I've noticed a huge difference in coat, weight and energy since swapping my chow chow onto this raw meat. She cant wait for her dinner now.

Kelly 14 October 2014

5 out 5 The Best!

My miniature pinschers have been on this for over a month now and they just love it. It's easy to feed and has no unpleasant smell to it. They digest it well, which means less coming out their behinds! I would say it's one of the best foods available in this country to feed your dog and believe me, I've tried most of them, from kibble, dehydrated, through to raw. So far, my dogs are doing the best on this and I highly recommend it to others.

Antonia 21 October 2014