Customer Review July 24 2016 

A big thank you goes out to Denis and team for helping us and explaining the raw diet to us and all the benefits of it when we were at our wits end!

Meet Thor who was raised by myself from 3 days old after being rejected by his mum, because of the lack of essential milk from his mum his immune system is a bit comprised and his tummy is a bit more sensitive than your average puppy! 
We spent countless months and $$$ trying to get his allergies under control with antibiotics, prednisone, anti-itch shampoo, anti-itch sprays, special flea treatments and many vet visits but nothing worked. His skin was still red and constantly itchy, he was still getting sores. I was certain his allergy was environment, never for a second did I think his food would contribute so much (in my mind I was spending $170 a month on "the good stuff" there's no way it could be that) but after speaking with Denis we went out on a limb and changed to raw diet and we wouldn't ever go back! The photo speaks for itself I'd say. Photos are about 3 months apart, left one was taken just before we started feeding raw and the right one was taken today. Another bonus for us is, it's also cheaper to feed!!! So a big, big thank you from Thor and myself, I recommend feeding raw to everyone I know with dogs and send them in your direction!!