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Venison Feast

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Pet Deli Frozen Venison Feast

One of our newest additions to our main staples provides a wide variety of nutrients for your dog, with an extensive list of ingredients handpicked by the owner of the company you can trust that this is one of the best raw foods on the market. It contains wild venison, venison ground bone including cartilage and bone marrow, wild venison offal, salmon roe, coconut oil, kelp, fruit ferment, rock salt and green lipped mussel.

  • Venison: is added for its hypoallergenic properties as well as it provides a great source of iron, zinc and B vitamins including B2, B3, B6 and B12.
  • Wild venison offal: is a complete set of organs offering a wide variety of nutrients such as iron, zinc, collagen, vitamin A, C, E, K, and B12.
  • Salmon Roe: Helps absorbs the healthy fats and use them efficiently, it is also high in protein and nutrient rich in vitamin A, C and E which helps boost the immune system. It's also high in Omega 3.
  • Coconut Oil: coconut oil is so nutrient dense, rich in fatty acids and healthy saturated fats you will notice overall skin and coat improvement and improved digestion. It also boosts the immune system and increases energy levels.
  • Kelp: is also added to improve the overall health of the skin and coat,
  • Himalayan rock salt: is added as its packed full of nutrients essential for physiological processes including nutrient absorption, nerve and muscle function, and electrolyte homeostasis.
  • Cold pressed Green lipped mussel: is also known as a superfood and are known to have anti-inflammatory properties due to containing a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and amino acids. We chose to go with cold pressed green lipped mussel as it is twice as effective as heat treated, giving your animal the best quality and value on the market. 
  • Fruit ferment: has a variety of probiotics which helps balance out the intestinal bacteria.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it today and see the difference in your dog yourself!

Key Benefits:

  • Shiny, soft coats & reduced odour - feeding Pet Deli to your furry friend, will produce a shiny, soft coat and help reduce shedding. You’ll see the difference after just a couple of weeks.
  • Dental benefits – Pet Deli recommends you feed your pet a balanced diet including meaty bones. The meaty bones and fibrous tissues in a natural, raw feeding diet will keep teeth clean and healthy.
  • Less mess – when your dog eats Pet Deli, you’ll see a lot less smelly waste on the lawn. A natural, grain free diet means the dogs use more of what they eat to live happy, healthy lives.
  • Reduced allergies – feeding Pet Deli may diminish the clinical signs associated with food allergies.
  • Reduced water intake – Pet Deli will improve your pets digestion, meaning your pet won’t need the excessive amounts of water necessary to break down a dry food diet. This results in less drooling and improved liver and kidney functions to help the overall long-term health of your pet.

Made Specifically For: Dogs but Cats Love it too.

Disclaimer: all cats are different and even though we have a great success rate with our blends some do have more of an acquired taste so please keep this in mind when purchasing.

Ingredients: wild venison, venison ground bone including cartilage and bone marrow, wild venison offal, salmon roe, coconut oil, kelp, fruit ferment, rock salt and green lipped mussel.